Taking A Leap of Faith….

aka “Waltzing to Italy”

If you get a queezy uneasy feeling in your stomach when you contemplate that big leap forward, picking up and moving lock, stock, and barrel to a far-away destination, you’re not alone. The emotional factor of contemplating a new and extremely different lifestyle can cause one to pause, never mind the practical concerns involved in purchasing property in a foreign market and all the unknown “obstacles” (whether real or imagined) that might hamper your efforts.

Starting with the practical – such as – where, when, and how.

Where to even start to look. We had a simple premise, It had to be different. We wanted an entirely new experience from anything we had ever had before and it had to include plenty of challenges. We looked at many different regions of the globe –  and undeniably – there are so many wonderful possibilities, any one of which we most likely could have offered a suitable answer. But for some reason we started to centralize our focus on Italy, then more specifically, Southern Italy. It seemed to offer a generous helping of ying to yang factor, to balance out against our current Tetons of Wyoming/Idaho (known to the local residents as “Wydaho”) lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE our Teton cabin home! We love the life we have created here and the friends we have made. We put our hearts and souls into making it what we consider to be one of the most special places on the planet.

After an exhaustive internet search, that at times frankly made me dizzy, “haven’t we looked at this website like three times already.” We started to slowly narrow our focus on some properties that appeared to look promising.