Force of Habits

The interesting thing about Jackson Hole’s quaintly undersized retail district is that, despite its diminutive size, there exists a core of high quality and uniquely diverse shops. None could more exemplify this than Habits, a “must shop” for any fashion driven connoisseur.

Marsell – Philippe Model – Nick Fouquet – Chimala Jeans

When we moved from our East coast home years ago, I assumed that my wife Ann would probably feel rather disconnected from her favorite Manhattan and CT boutique clothing stores. I envisioned frequent requests for cross country sojourns to replenish some fashion “must haves”. It would not have been entirely out of character for her to consider such a trip a worthwhile endeavor.

Years ago, she flew to an antique show in Ohio with the objective of possibly buying a few small pieces for a new home we had purchased in CT. When those few small pieces started to turn into several monstrously large items, I figured she would be forced to back off on the purchases. Especially since she had already purchased return plane tickets back to CT, and therefore had no possible way to transport these items home. Three days later Ann showed up in our driveway, having driven a rental truck halfway cross country.  When one of the larger pieces proved to be too large to fit, either up the staircase, or through a second-floor window, she managed to dissemble it, board by board, and reassemble it upstairs. That is the type of dogged determination that could potentially be unleashed.

Anyway…. Problem Solved, Thanks to Arcy Hawks the owner of Habits and her keen eye (can I say “Hawkeye”) for fashion. Habits the most upscale boutique anyone could hope to find in any major metropolitan city, is thankfully located in the heart of downtown Jackson Hole.


From head to toe Arcy has you covered. Amazing hats by Nick Fouquet to shoes by Marsell & sneakers by Philippe Model. You would recognize Nick Fouquet’s hats – all I would need to say is “Pharrell” and you will know what I mean. Marsell’s Italian collection and Philippe Model’s French sneakers can only be found in the most exclusive boutiques.  

Western Chic

Arcy scours the globe, traveling to Paris, NYC and LA keeping Habits ahead of the curve. Her vision is true Jackson Hole, melding fashion forward with western chic.  Ann is crazy about their Chimala jeans, made from artisan crafted denim from Japan. As well as cashmere scarves by Private 0204 of Copenhagen, and sweaters by Pas De Calais.

Private 02 04 Textured Scarf

In the history of mankind, no one has ever had a mediocre or boring visit to Habits. Arcy’s infectious high spirit and genuine nature, coupled with her spot-on styling, makes any visit to Habits an event worthy of repeating.

Even while playing my martyr’s role of husband being dragged on his wife’s shopping trip, I have to admit that something about Habits strikes a chord that is hard to resist.  It has gotten to the point that every birthday and Christmas involves an “Arcy assist” for help selecting that perfect gift, that will always go over big, and be gift wrapped to boot.