Canvasing Jackson

If you have been following this blog recently (and if not, why not) you may have noticed that it has focused a good deal of attention on some fascinating offerings from Jackson Hole, WY. Well here’s to keeping that streak alive, because when an event like the one that took place this past weekend at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery in Jackson occur, you would be kicking yourself if you somehow managed to let it slide.


Tayloe, owner of the gallery, has brought to Jackson what the Guggenheim and Tiffany’s together could not pull off for NYC. OK that’s a bit of a stretch, but it is impossible not to be floored by the amazing quality of both the Artists and Artisans that Tayloe regularly features at her space. This past weekend’s event was no exception. Bringing together, at one time, the works of renowned artists Lance Letscher, Greta Waller and Mike Piggott made this a showcase event of extraordinary proportion. With so much to take in, you had to continuously remind yourself to breath.

The fascinatingly complex collages of Lance Letscher absorb your attention from every angle. As they draw you forward demanding your closest inspection of every minute detail, you realize that you need to step back to experience entirely new perspectives and reveal different insights.  

Lance Letscher’s Aquarium

As an aside, there is a documentary out, available on Amazon Prime, entitled “The Secret Life of Lance Letscher”. You have to see this. No. I mean it, you absolutely have to see this! The work that Lance performs as an artist is incredible. His painstaking efforts to collect, sort, catalogue, and then dissect vintage graphics and photographs, and transforming them to art, is mind-blowing. Don’t even get me started on his collection of vintage metals. His dedication to his craft is extraordinary.  I can’t say enough about this documentary and implore everyone view it. (you can thank me later).

The Trip in Background

So, back to Lance’s showing at Tayloe’s gallery. What a treat to be able to view these amazing works in person as well as to meet Lance. Also to have the opportunity to speak with his wife, Mary, she really lights up a room. What a fascinating and talented couple. I only wish I could have spent even more time with them, because there were only a few million more questions I had wanted to ask. And by the way, any guy who can do what Lance did, and manage to coordinate his shirt to match one of his intricate collages, has my undying respect. 

Mary & Lance Letscher

Next up. Greta Waller. If one had ever thought that the concept of the eccentric artist was just an overused stereotype they never met Greta. She throws off enough voltage to power a small city. 

Greta Waller

 With no task being too large, Greta has taken on the formidable challenge of painting ice. Yes, you heard me correctly, Ice. FYI…. She Nailed It! Ice in all its stages of melting disintegration, and the way light uniquely impacts these transforming objects, are captured on her canvas.  Opaque in places, translucent in others, the mystery of how she so astutely brings it to her art, is one for the ages. I loved her works!

Greta’s Easter Ice on Left

Mike Piggott.  Our local favorite. A Teton artist whose works are admired and collected by followers from near and far.

Mike Piggott

Mike’s works capture the beauty of this area better than any I have ever seen. From a rustic mountain cabin, to a raven flying over treetops. His unique gift for being able to witness nature thru his art makes Mike’s works treasures to behold.  

Mike Piggott’s Raven Over Pines

A heartfelt thank you to Tayloe for doing what she does, and bringing these amazing exhibitions to her magnificently beautiful gallery, to share with all.

Tayloe Piggott Gallery, 62 S. Glenwood Street, Jackson Wy