Do you ever wonder what 3 days of doing absolutely everything you ever wanted to do would look like? I do. I ponder that all the time.

Well, thanks to close friends of ours, and thanks to their daughter Alex, for accepting her boyfriend Bryce’s marriage proposal, I was able to get an up close look at that.

Their three day pre-wedding/wedding extravaganza was incredible. Having said so, and in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention I got married in a ceremony which lasted 5 minutes, was held at a friend’s home, performed by a guy who I’m not even sure was legally qualified to marry us, in front of about 20 friends and family, and with a top end budget of $150. So, using this as a benchmark, it is safe to say, when it comes to weddings, I am susceptible to being easily impressed.

Day 1. Kicked off at an open air music festival which sashayed its way a few miles down the road to the famous “Spud Drive in Movie Theater” in Victor, Idaho.. For a private movie viewing, food, fun, and yes, more than a few beers. Things were only beginning to ramp up.


Day 2.  Situated in the most picturesque part of the Teton valley, lays a 40 acre spread of land backing up on the river, that hosted their day long “do whatever you darn well please” marathon. 

 A country western band kept the mojo flowing, as guests volleyed between gorging on BBQ , throwing axes (which often landed far too close to the unfortunate guy in charge of running the event), getting tossed from a mechanical bull, being operated by a sadist, and drinking even more beer. For the record, beer and mechanical bull riding don’t mix well.


Personally, I dedicated most of my time to pestering the incredibly patient Fly Fishing Pro, who had been hired to deal with dim wits, like myself, requesting him to unsnarl my massively tangled lines and lures.

No Bites

When my wife finally announced,  perhaps it was time  we should make our departure, I protested like a five year old, being told play time was over. And Yes, I was permitted “just one more half hour”!

Coming off the sugar high of a full days indulgences in everything I’d ever wanted to do, was a little startling. I broke into a cold sweat when I realized this would not continue past the weekend.

Day 3. The actual wedding. I’m sure  Cleopatra floating down the Nile did not have the impact Alex made arriving with her step dad Adam, on a pristine river float boat, as it docked next to the assembled wedding goers. Adam handed her off to her father Joe while her brother Joey and new father in law greeted her at the dock waiting to witness the nuptials. With the sun setting over the Grand Teton Moutains in the background, and cranes somehow making a perfectly timed fly over, the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Alex & Bryce

Just as I was beginning to feel a warm, mellow, wonderful sensation of “this is life, as it was meant to be”, which one often gets when witnessing a wedding ceremony, and contemplating the future and two people, starting their lives together, things jolted into high gear.

Never wanting it to be said that I let an opportunity to “party down” pass me by, Ann and I ventured over to where all the loud music was coming from.

Band + DJ

Like someone awaking from a 10 year coma, I was mystified by how much wedding receptions, as I once knew them, had changed. Having lived for years under the false impression  the ushers and other members of the wedding party were always stabilizing influences, you can imagine how my world was turned upside down when a gaggle of 20 somethings moshed the place.

Dancing the Night Away

The band was awesome as can be, and the DJ was super-duper ( as you can see, not only should I never be allowed to write about such things, but possibly never let out of the house either).

Moving on…..

Did I fail to mention the food was glorious? Appetizers of Elk with polenta, a bison roast better than anything I had ever tasted, and never ending sliders all night long. I was ready to set down stakes right there, and see if I could possibly just live at this event for the rest of my life.

Before the Glorious Food

As if to challenge the notion that things just could not get any more spectacular, guests were ushered from the tent to witness fireworks which could rival Macy’s centennial display over the East River of Manhattan.

Well as the saying goes, “all good things must sooner or later come to an end”. Some of us accept this notion willingly, others grudgingly. I am clearly in the latter camp.

Both Ann and I were rather quiet during the car ride home. Not sure if it was due to a case of sensory overload, or from the jarring realization  we are the proud parents of a “marriage age” daughter. 

Alice, if you are reading this. I want to let you know I have somehow managed to save up another $150 since my own wedding over 30 years ago. So go nuts.